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Francys Belle is crazy for a 1on1 anal creampie session
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Double anal for Limar Cord
Spencer Bradley exposes her ass for anal
Mary Jane orders another double anal round
Olga Evelina waits for her first double anal
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Here you will find our curated selection of outstanding anal performances listed by female performer. We pick only one scene per performer (the best one of course). But if you know other outstanding scenes, please let us know, so we can evaluate them. We add new female anal performers as soon as possible. We try to keep all anal resources in sight, but sometimes one or the other scene might be unrecognized.
Please find our rules of evaluation below.





Rules of evaluation

We judge only the female performance. Criteria are

  • Look into camera
  • Anal gape
  • Motion as active fucking or not, active sucking or not, actively taking of fuck pole
  • Swallowing of juices
  • Accepting (real) creampie
  • Styling as hair, make up and clothes (which are usually choosen by the female herself