Yaya Gingersnatch Needs Anal

Yaya Gingersnap seeks hot anal
Yaya Gingersnap Anal-Craving Redhead Luminous redhead Yaya Gingersnatch visits freaky director/performer Richard Mann’s hotel room for a private encounter. Yaya immediately strips down to black stockings and crimson lingerie. She gives him a blowjob. ‘I can’t wait to get railed by that big cock,’ purrs the ivory-skinned beauty as she masterfully strokes his jumbo boner. Yaya laps his ball sack and gives rim job service, tonguing his bunghole. She squats, finally taking his big Black cock deeply in her pussy. Next, Richard slides his thick prick up Yaya’s asshole! She slurps Richard’s dick ass-to-mouth. The natural-breasted, voluptuous babe enjoys extra anal boning in more positions. Yaya two-hand strokes his giant pole till it pumps out a mess of semen. She milks out every drop, tasting it on his shaft and greedily mouth-cleaning the head of his prick. Ya-ya! See also our Double Anal Rating page.
Anal talents: Yaya Gingersnap, Richard Mann
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