Alex Grey Anal Orgasm

Alex Grey ready for anal orgasmn

Alex Grey: Orgasmic, Oily Anal Gaping!

Platinum blonde Alex Grey bats her long eye lashes, and oil dribbles down her chin. Ramon Nomar pulls a silver butt plug out of her asshole, and she gives him a two-fisted blowjob. The oil-slathered action continues: He slides his meat into her eager pussy doggie-style, and Ramon fucks her until she cums on his rod. She climbs on top, and he slips his thick dick inside her pink asshole. Alex spreads her legs and rides the wave to a body-shaking anal orgasm. Her butthole gapes as Ramon teases her sphincter. She sucks his cock ass-to-mouth and swallows down a mouthful of Ramon’s nut. See also our Double Anal Rating pages.
Anal talents: Alex Grey, Ramon Nomar
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