Kendra Cole Ass Fucked

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Role play for anal slut Kendra Cole who comes in checkered miniskirt, black top and high heels. The role play starts that redhead babysitter Kendra Cole arrives at Vince’s home for her first shift and when he leaves for his business meeting, this tattoed vixen climbs up on his kitchen counter and masturbates, thinking about her new boss! She is in the middle of pleasuring herself when Vince returns home after forgetting something. He walks in on Kendra half naked in his kitchen and questions her actions! This slutty babe gets herself out of trouble by coming onto him and is soon getting fucked over the kitchen counter. They don’t have long before Vince’s wife returns home so Vince stuffs Kendra’s holes with his big dick in a fast and furious fuck sesh! Talk about making a good first impression! See also our Double Anal Scene Collection Horny Babysitter Kendra Cole Gets Ass Fucked By Her New Boss GP2838
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