Jane Wilde Aubrey Kate Trans Anal

Liz Jordan experiences trans anal with Aubrey Kate
Jane Wilde Aubrey Kate: Succubus – Part 4 Still struggling to process everything that has happened, Mary (Jane Wilde) tries to relax in the bath, while – over at the strip club – Michael (Small Hands) languishes, his spirits low. Aubrey Kate taunts Michael, who can’t understand why she’s taking pleasure in his misery. But behind his despair, Aubrey sees something else in Michael. She grins, telling him that since he’s here, he may as well enjoy himself. Michael seems conflicted for a moment, unsure of what to do. But it doesn’t take him long to give in to his desires, kissing Aubrey passionately. Just then, Mary walks through the front door of the club. She immediately confronts Joanna Angel, demanding to know where Michael is. Joanna chuckles, leading Mary to the back. When Mary walks into the back and sees Michael kissing Aubrey, Mary is heartbroken, asking Michael how he could POSSIBLY do this to her?? Michael desperately tries to explain himself as Aubrey taunts Mary, saying that he wanted HER…he only SETTLED for Mary. Mary explodes in anger, but quickly calms down, realizing something. She comes towards Michael. ‘Is THIS what you want?’ Mary asks seductively. ‘Do, it, TAKE what you want,’ Mary adds. Aubrey smiles, caressing Michael as she – not wanting to miss out on any of the fun – encourages him to take what he wants. Michael is about to experience pleasure like he never has before…but is it WORTH what he’s sacrificing? See also our Double Anal Rating page.
Anal talents: Jane Wilde, Small Hands, Aubrey Kate
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