Alexa Lewis Double Anal To Five In The Ass

Alexa Lewis prepares her anal fuck hole to get spread with five
Slutty anal MILF Alexa Lewis comes in workout clothing for her anal destruction. Soon the fuck poles appear and start to stretch Alexa’s sphincter. First one fuck pole, then another one and so forth. Alexa presents great prolapses, red shiny and big. Finally Alexa sits in reverse cowgirl position with four in her ass. Now Alexa Lewis is ready for the fifth pole going into her anal fuck hole. Then the exercise is repeated in cowgirl position. After that Alexa is awarded with piss into her face. She licks the male urine from the floor. In the end the fuck poles shoot their semen into the prostitute mouth. See also our Double Anal Rating pages. amazing! 5 cocks in the ass at the same time ALEXA LEWIS. DAP. TAP. QUAD. PENTAP. 6 on 1 + Pissing. LTP302
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