Alexis Tae Anal Roleplay

Alexis Tae wants to dicks for anal
I’m Gonna Buttfuck Your Firstborn #02 – Alexis Tae Seth Gamble and his boss, Dee Gee, have just returned from checking out a new office space. Seth’s been working wonders at the company, and Dee thinks he’s ready to open up his own branch and lead his own team. With all that business out of the way, however, Dee invites Seth to stick around at his house and watch the game. Seth agrees, happy to spend some time with his boss and mentor. But as they’re watching TV together, Dee’s darling teen Alexis Tae comes to ask if she can invite her boyfriend to their family camping trip this weekend. Dee doesn’t seem too thrilled about the idea- especially since Alexis’ boyfriend is a whole five years older than her. Why can’t Alexis date guys her OWN age? But Alexis is stubborn, insisting that she likes older men since they are much more experienced in the bedroom… Though Alexis may not have her parent’s approval to fool around with her current boyfriend, Dee didn’t say ANYTHING about Seth… So when Alexis gets Seth alone later that day, she makes a few moves on him. Seth tries to resist, but when she hints at giving him access to her tight teen asshole, he is putty in her hands. Seth gives Alexis the anal pounding of her life, hoping to God that Dee doesn’t come home early to witness his firstborn getting fucked by his ‘trusted’ employee. See also our Double Anal Rating page.
Anal Talents: Alexis Tae, Seth Gamble
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