Nicole Black Maddy Black Piss Hardcore Double Anal

Maddy Black Nicole Black preparing for double anal fisting orgy
Two anal fuck whores Nicole Black and Maddy Black come for parallel double anal action. They are dressed in sexy body stockings, tiny Nicole Black in black, heavy tits Maddy Black in pink. They touch each other. Then they kiss intensively. On the settee they wait while rubbing their labia and clits for the fuck poles to come . They fuck poles enter and immediately push their devices into the anal fuck holes of Maddy and Nicole. As usual Maddy squirts with the first heavy anal digging. Change to double anal penetration. At first for Nicole in reverse cowgirl and cowgirl position while Maddy has to clean the hot driven cocks and then vice versa for Maddy. The anal fuck holes of the two experienced anal whores are widely opened. Then piss is served for the whores and they eagerly drink the warm male life juice. Then anal again and Maddy pisses like a pregnant cow. A lot double anal orgy style with parallel fucking and the girls sucking cock and pissing/squirting. In the end rich anal creampie for Nicole who sit on Maddy’s belly. Then a last load of piss for the two female toilets. See also how this scene scores in our Double Anal Rating. Angels of Hardcore 5on2 with pee Nicole Black & Maddy Black (only anal)
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